Sweet Nuts

Nuts, especially nuts glazed in honey or molasses, make life sweet. When nuts are offered as a sweet treat, you can get the benefit of nuts with a sweet finish. If you are wondering why nuts are healthy or how Fastachi sweetens their candied nuts, here is some information you need to know about nuts.

Why Sweet Nuts Are Good For You

Nuts are an amazing superfood. We know we're biased, but nuts are one of those foods that pack a lot of punch in a little container. Here are some reasons you need to eat nuts every day.

First, nuts pack a lot of vitamins and minerals in a little bite. Nuts contain B vitamins, calcium, vitamin E, copper, selenium, and manganese. You get a ton of vitamins and minerals for very few calories. Also, nuts are full of antioxidants. Antioxidants work to combat oxidative stress in cells, which can lead to disease and cell death, as well as premature aging. Antioxidants in nuts can work to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol as well.

For years, weight loss gurus targeted nuts to eliminate them from diets because they are high in calories. However, nutritionists found that while they are high in calories, Nuts actually aid in weight loss. That's because when you are eating nuts, the chemicals in the nuts help you feel full, which helps you reduce your caloric intake. It's no surprise that studies have shown that people who consume nuts at least three times per week lose weight more quickly than people who do not consume nuts, and they are able to keep the weight off for longer.

Nuts can also work to help you regulate bodily functions that may help you live longer. Eating nuts helps you control your blood sugar, which promotes weight loss and helps diabetics regulate their blood sugar effectively. Nuts also help regulate cholesterol and c-reactive protein, which can lead to inflammation of the heart muscle and heart disease.

Craving Sweets? Go With Candied Nuts

If you want to sample your nuts with a little bit of sweetness included, you need to look at some of our sweet nut offerings. Fastachi offers many types of chocolate nut bark, including dark, milk, and white chocolate. Some of our barks have fruit in them as well, such as lemon peel and cranberries.

However, candied nut lovers go crazy for a couple of our honey glazed nut varieties. Fastachi offers cinnamon-glazed almonds as one of our sweet nut treats. First, we take our best almonds, which we hand-select, and we carefully roast them in small batches using metal barrels. We delicately sprinkle them with sea salt, and then when they are perfect, we cover them with a wonderful cinnamon glaze using honey and molasses for a truly crunchy outer shell. That combination of cinnamon sweetness and the delicate smoothness of the almond itself makes this treat irresistible.

If you are a pecan fan, Fastachi also offers honey crisp pecans. Like our marvelous almonds, we select the most perfect pecans, small-batch roast them, double-sift them to ensure only pecan halves make the cut, and then drizzle those pecans with a honey mixture for a really sweet crunch that satisfies your sugar cravings.

Whether you love the sweetness of almonds or pecans, or you prefer a different nutty sweet treat, Fastachi has all of the sweet nuts you need. Why not go online and select a honey glazed nut treat today?