Many people think pistachio nuts are an acquired taste, but we disagree. They often get a bad rap because of their color, but if you overlook the greenish tint of the nut (which is really a seed, rather than a nut) the flavor of it is sweet and tempting. Whether you are a pistachio lover, or you just want to try them, there is a lot of love about pistachio snacks.

Ready to Try Pistachios?

Humans have been eating pistachios for thousands of years, and the nut is originally from the Middle East, in countries like Turkey and Iran. While most people think all pistachio nuts are bright green, that isn't always the case. They can be yellow to dark forest green. Pistachios have hard shells you'll want to break through to get to the sweetness inside.

While humans have been eating the kernels for thousands of years, Americans really didn't begin to notice These pistachio nuts as a food until the mid-19th century. Companies didn't begin to market pistachio snacks until about 50 years ago, and they quickly caught on as tasty nuts.

Pistachio snacks are rich in fatty acids and potassium. They have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory chemicals, which are great for patients suffering from inflammatory diseases such as RA and lupus. Pistachios help you keep cardiovascular disease at bay because the chemicals inside of them help to regulate your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Pistachio nuts also have tons of fiber and protein, which help you feel full. Best of all, for people who suffer from digestive issues such as IBS, these amazing nuts have chemicals that aid in the production of good gut bacteria.

What Types of Pistachio Nuts Does Fastachi Offer?

When you buy pistachios online, you are getting Fastachi's top-of-the-line product. Here are some of our best pistachios online.

  • Salted and roasted pistachios in the shell--Fastachi hand selects and small-batch roasts the pistachios of the highest quality. If you want to buy pistachios that are salted, we sprinkle our roasted pistachios with a dash of sea salt to enhance their natural flavor.
  • Don't like the thought of shelling pistachios? Not to worry, we have it roasted and shelled too. We offer roasted pistachio kernels as well as salted ones.
  • Roasted Pistachio Butter--our healthy pistachio butter is one of our newer nut butter offerings, and it doesn't disappoint. Hand-selecting the best pistachios to be roasted, and then grinded into pistachio butter, with no added sugars or flavors. Pistachio butter is amazing by itself, spread on bread or crackers, or even as a dip with fruits or veggies.

Pistachio Nut Candy Fiends--Your Search Is Over

Many people love pistachios in snacks, desserts, and candies because they adore the sweetness of the pistachio nuts mixed in with chocolate. Here are some of our best pistachio snacks offered in their highest quality:

  • Dark chocolate pistachios: Our fabulous roasted and lightly salted pistachios dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Chocolate toffee pistachios: We dip our best pistachio nuts in buttery toffee, followed by smooth milk chocolate, and then paint them with confectioner's sugar for a simply irresistible treat.
  • Cranberry and pistachio bark. There are a few combinations better than cranberries, chocolate, and pistachio all mixed together in our candy bark. We offer our premium pistachio bark in both sweet and smooth white chocolate, as well as dreamy dark chocolate. Good luck choosing a favorite; because they are both amazing.

No matter how you love pistachios, Fastachi's penchant for selecting only the largest, freshest nuts make it the go-to company for nut lovers.

Hand-roasted in small batches

No fancy seasonings or artificial additives

Hand-packed with the utmost care

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