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Almonds are one of the world's most favorite nuts. Over 1.2 million metric tons of these nuts are consumed by almond snack lovers each year. It's no wonder that they are so popular because they are among the healthiest nuts for us to consume. There are actually two varieties of almond nuts, sweet and bitter. While bitter ones are frequently used in baking or in beauty aids, sweet almonds are used in all kinds of cooking and baking.

Almond products are valued all over the world because of their sweet, smooth taste, which can be blended into many recipes. Not only are they extremely versatile, but they also have enormous health benefits. Natural almonds have more calcium than any other nut, which is why many plant milk is made from it. They also have a ton of fiber, and they are filled with vitamin E and magnesium. Consuming almond snacks can be part of a healthy diet because they reduce the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease and contain chemicals that may protect you from diabetes.

What Kinds of Almond Products Are Available?

Because almond snacks are so popular, Fastachi offers them in many varieties to satisfy any taste.

  • Salted and roasted almonds are selected with care and roasted in small batches, so you can expect nothing but premium flavor. They are double-sifted to ensure only whole natural almonds make their way into the collection, and we use only sea salt, which brings out the best almond flavor you can experience.
  • If you love your almonds sweet and smooth with a hint of salt, try a pound of salted Marcona almonds from Spain. These nuts are valued for their soft texture and sweet, buttery flavor, which makes them amazing for cooking with.
  • What if you like your almond nuts simple with no frills? You can buy raw almonds, raw blanched almonds, or sliced blanched almonds for cooking or snacking.
  • Want to cook with almonds? We offer almond flour and tasty almond butter to give your dishes a smooth, slightly sweet edge.

Do You Have Almonds for a Sweet Tooth?

Almond products are amazing to cook with, but they are also great to snack on by themselves. People who have a sweet tooth love our almond options online.

  • If you adore cinnamon, you need to try our sweet cinnamon almonds. Fans love these nuts for their crunchy-sweet cinnamon shells and their soft centers.
  • Jordan almonds are famous in the world for their crunchy, vanilla-malt shells with a sweet almond nut flavor. You have undoubtedly sampled Jordan almonds at parties, weddings, christenings, and celebrations around the world. Fastachi Jordan almonds are a top-shelf vanilla-bourbon and cane sugar-covered confection that can't be beaten.
  • What if you are a chocolate lover? Fastachi has you covered as well. We offer them in three varieties of chocolate barks. We use only the best almond nuts, covered with your choice of rich dark chocolate, sweet and mild milk chocolate, or decadent white chocolate. You can satisfy all of your cravings By buying almond chocolate barks from Fastachi.

If you want the best almond nuts from California and abroad, you need to look no further than Fastachi. Our nuts are famous because of our careful selection, handcrafted roasting process, and attention to all the sweet details. Order a pound of our best almond nuts today.