When you are looking for the perfect nut gift for others or a treat for yourself, look no further than Fastachi! We've experimented for more than a decade to find the most delectable assorted nut combinations possible. We begin with a premium nut, hand-picked for sublime perfection.  Under our watchful eye, we hand-roast them in small batches with only sea salt to bring out the true essence of each nut.

When it comes to nut mixes, nobody does it quite like we do, having experimented over a three decades to find just exactly the most delectable combinations. We even double-sift them to ensure only whole nuts graduate into each of our packages. And when it comes to delivering the fruits of our labor, we painstakingly hand pack them with the utmost care. The result: a delicious, healthy treat of exceptional quality that appeals to nut lovers and “foodies” worldwide.

How To Choose The Best Mixed Nut Selection For You

Not sure which Fastachi mixed nuts to buy? Here are some FAQs and How-Tos, so you will know exactly which nut mix is perfect for you. Here are some of our roasted mixed nut suggestions:

  • Are you a nut fiend? Why not opt for the Extra Nutty Mix with cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, and pistachio kernels with the added crunch of peanuts (roasted peanuts, roasted salted peanuts, red skin peanuts, sesame peanuts), toasted corn, and salted squash seeds for a completely nutty mix?
  • Can I get almonds in my mixed nuts? Of course! Try the Super Nut Mix, with almonds, cashews, pistachio kernels, and hazelnuts. And here's another little secret...all of our nut mixes have almonds.
  • I love chewy and crunchy, and tart and salty. What should I order? You definitely want to try our Cranberry Nut Mix. This is our signature mix! Our chewy, slightly sweet, tart cranberries are mixed with pistachio kernels, almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, peanuts, red skin peanuts, and sesame peanuts You'll keep you coming back for more.
  • I really love complex flavors and textures. What's the best nut mix for me? If you want a different flavor in every bite that passes your tongue, try our Harvest Nut Mix. Yo will experience a flavor explosion with every mouthful, thanks to our blend of roasted and roasted salted nuts and seeds and dried fruits: cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, pepitas, and peanuts rounded out with cranberries, dried tart cherries, and dark raisins.
  • Do you like things a little zing on your palate? You'll love our Wasabi Nut Mix. The wasabi peas give this nut mix a kick, along with roasted almonds, peanuts, dried cranberries, and Chilean raisins to make your taste buds tingle.
  • I have tropical tastes. What assorted nuts should I get? If you're one of those people who love the fruit and flavor of the tropics with your nuts, we recommend our Fiesta Nut Mix. With each bite, you will find yourself transported to the tropics, thanks to tropical dried mango, banana chips, papaya, pineapple, and cranberry, with roasted and salted cashews, peanuts, pepitas, red skin peanuts, and roasted almonds.
  • I love chocolate. Do you have something for me to try? Of course. Why not try our mixed nuts with chocolate? It offers delectable Belgian chocolate combined with cranberries, pistachios, Chilean flame raisins, salted almonds, roasted almonds, salted hazelnuts, roasted hazelnuts, and sesame peanuts. Our mix of bittersweet Belgian chocolate and roasted nuts are perfect for chocolate lovers.

No matter which mixed nuts you buy, you can be assured that Fastachi will roast and salt your selection expertly to give you the best taste possible.

Hand-roasted in small batches

No fancy seasonings or artificial additives

Hand-packed with the utmost care

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