Roasted nuts

At Fastachi, we take great pride in our roasted nuts--which is why we choose our nuts with such care. We hand-select our nuts and hand-roast them using the small-batch method in steel drums to preserve their signature flavor. Once the nuts are perfectly roasted, we season them with sea salt, which helps to bring out their true flavor. Before we package our nuts, we double-sift them to make sure only whole nuts make it into our packages. Fastachi creates the best roasted nuts possible, so you'll instantly be able to tell a Fastachi roasted nut from other nuts.

Which Roasted Nuts Should I Choose?

Health experts know that nuts are an amazing addition to any diet because they are full of fiber and healthy fats. If you are unsure which nut choice is best for you, here are some suggestions.


Almonds are valued for their smooth taste with a hint of sweetness. In fact, almonds are so prized for their smooth, sweet taste that they are often used in candies. At Fastachi, we offer several varieties of roasted almonds:

  • Our California almonds, roasted and salted
  • Raw almonds, are available sliced and blanched as well, so you can incorporate them into your cooking.
  • Have a sweet tooth? Try our Cinnamon Glazed Almonds, Super Fine White Jordan almonds, or almond bark. Our almond bark is available in rich dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate.
  • Almond flour and Almond butter


Like our almonds, our cashews are hand-picked, roasted, and salted. Cashews are perfect for people who love a gourmet rich-flavored nut. These amazing nuts are packed with vitamins and minerals that improve hair, skin, nails, and cardiovascular health. Fastachi offers cashews in raw and unsalted flavors, cashew butter, cashew crunch, and cashew bark.


If you are looking for a nut with a little more robust flavor that pairs well with coffee and chocolate, you need to try hazelnuts. Hazelnuts are great for your heart, help to reduce your cancer risk, and help with muscle, bone, joint, and digestive health. We offer our hazelnuts roasted and salted in hazelnut butter, as well as our gourmet flavored mixed nut butter and our specialty dark chocolate hazelnut bark.


Peanuts are among the most popular nut flavors, and it's no wonder that peanuts are valued for their ability to blend with nearly anything. Fastachi peanuts are offered roasted and salted peanuts, along with several varieties:

  • Our red-skin peanuts, which are the most common variety in the United States, are roasted and salted to exquisite perfection.
  • Our sesame peanuts are roasted and salted with sesame seeds for a taste a bit out of the ordinary.
  • Fastachi offers peanut crunch and chocolate-covered peanuts if you are looking for something a little on the sweet side.
  • We also have our marvelous roasted peanut butter, freshly picked and roasted within a day or two before we make it into butter.

What Other Roasted Nuts Do You Offer?

Fastachi also makes nut products using pistachios, pecans, macadamia nuts, and walnuts. Not sure you want just one type of nut? Check out all of our mixed nut varieties that incorporate several types of nuts in one delicious package.

No matter which Roasted Nuts selection you choose, you knowFastachi will ensure your nuts are roasted and salted to perfection to give you the best taste possible. Why not select a pound or two of roasted nuts today?