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Ah, the fastachi nut. Born and bred in all the best places, handpicked for sublime perfection; and under our careful watch, meticulously roasted, in small batches; seasoned simply with sea salt to enhance their true flavor; double sifted, to ensure only whole nuts graduate into our packages. And when it comes to delivering the fruits of our labor, we painstakingly handpack them with the utmost care. Pampered, overprotected and spoiled? Perhaps. But that’s why when you eat any nut, you’ll always judge it by a Fastachi.

What began as a small Boston neighborhood shop has become one of the country’s top purveyors of artisinal roasted nuts. Souren and Susan have perfected the craft of roasting the freshest nuts the old fashioned way - by hand, in small batches, in steel drums to bring nuts to their flavor peak. Soon they began experimenting with mixes that satisfied the most varied palates. On a winter day in 1990, Fastachi opened its doors, to offer the world their goods. Eager Bostonians were seduced by the freshly roasted aroma, and swiftly succumbed to these wholesome, hand crafted delights.

In A Nutshell….Who is Fastachi?

Fastachi was founded in 1990 in Belmont, MA by husband and wife team Souren & Susan Etyemezian. From the small storefront, where they mastered the craft of nut roasting, they quickly established Fastachi as one of the country’s top purveyors of fresh roasted nuts and nut mixes. They’ve come a long way in 30 years selling to select retailers, a thriving e-commerce website, and still maintaining their flagship location in Watertown. And now, not only do they offer their impossibly fresh nuts, but also, exquisitely enticing Nut Mixes, freshly ground Nut Butters, delectable handmade Chocolate Bark, developed using Fastachi nuts and a super-secret chocolate recipe, and an extensive line of gifts filled with Fastachi creations. Product innovation combined with creative packaging and uncompromising quality has elevated the Fastachi brand to superior industry standards.

What Fastachi Represents?

Simplicity! Life is complicated enough; our food doesn’t have to be. At Fastachi, we believe in ENHANCING the true flavor of the nut, and not masking it. We begin with premium nuts and hand-roast them in small batches - no fancy seasonings, only salt to bring out the true essence of the nuts. Double sifting ensures that only whole pieces graduate into each Fastachi package of nuts. And when it comes to Fastachi nut mixes, nobody quite compares, having experimented over a two decades to find just exactly the most delectable combinations. And Fastachi nut butters… Exceptional. Ground fresh from only the Fastachi Nut. Everything is hand-packed with the utmost care. Pampered, over-protected and spoiled? Perhaps. But that’s why when you eat any nut, you’ll always judge it by a Fastachi.


  • 2008 sofi™ Silver, Outstanding Snack Food
  • 2008 sofi™ Silver, Outstanding Diet or Lifestyle Product
  • 2007 sofi™ Silver, Outstanding Food Gift
  • 2007 sofi™ Silver, Outstanding Innovation in Packaging Design or Function.

Hand-roasted in small batches

No fancy seasonings or artificial additives

Hand-packed with the utmost care

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