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You'll love our freshly roasted nuts smothered in the silky smooth sensation of the finest of dark, milk or white chocolates selected from around the world, to create pure ecstasy. All Fastachi's handmade chocolate sensations will arrive in a beautiful box, hand-tied with ribbon.

Who doesn't love chocolate? Combine chocolate and nuts or fruits, and not only do you have a little indulgence, but you benefit from the health benefits of both.

Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants which improve blood flow to your heart and brain, aiding in lowering blood pressure. And there is a physiological reason why you feel happy after eating dark chocolate – it contains an organic compound that has a similar effect on your brain as endorphins; it makes you feel happy and decreases pain.

Warm Weather Shipping
Due to warm weather in your shipping location and estimated days in transit, the shipping method for Fastachi chocolates may automatically be upgraded to UPS 2nd Day. To avoid chocolates from sitting in transit over the weekend, chocolate orders received at the end of the week will be shipped the beginning of the following week.

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