One of the most amazing things about nuts is that there is no special time on the calendar for a nut holiday. In fact, you can give nuts as a gift for any occasion, any day of the year! Because Fastachi knows how well-received the gift of nuts is, we've created a variety of the best nut gift baskets to satisfy even the most discerning tastes. As with all of our products, our nuts as gifts are hand-selected and roasted in small batches for the perfect taste every time.

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What Kinds of Nut Gift Baskets Are Available?

Of course, all of our nuts allow you to give gifts with a personal touch. We have gift sets that provide an assortment of freshly roasted nuts or our marvelous marvelous dried fruits. Our nut gift packs are all arranged by hand, with a hand-tied ribbon and a gift card so you can write a personal message to your gift recipient.

  • Our gift tins offer nuts in a gorgeous tin with a hand-tied bow. We have several sizes you can pick from. That way, you can choose a small, tasteful thank you tin or a large corporate tin for an office. You can choose a selection of roasted nuts or dried fruits to put in the gift tin. One of the best reasons to give a nut gift tin is if you need to gift someone who is crazy about a particular selection of nuts or fruits because they can pack all that goodness in one tin.
  • What if you want to mix and match a selection of dried fruits and nuts in one gift pack? You can choose a gift tray instead, which gives you a wider selection to choose from and is one of the best nut gift set options to choose from.
    • Cranberry Nut Mix with Salted Pistachios
    • Cranberry Nut Mix with Salted Cashews
    • A Quattro gift tray with Salted Pistachios, Salted Cashews, Extra Mix, and Cranberry Mix
    • A Simple Pleasures gift tray with imported Apricots, sour Plums, dried Peaches, Cranberry Nut Mix, Salted Cashews, and Salted Pistachios
    • A Mix It Up Gift Tray with imported Apricots, sour Plums, dried Peaches, roasted Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Cranberry Nut Mix, and Wasabi Nut Mix.
    All of our gift trays come with a hand-tied bow for a marvelous presentation.

What Other Nut Gift Packs Do You Have?

Of course, we aren't limiting our gift efforts to tins and trays. If your dried fruit and nut gift basket recipient loved one of our mixed nut varieties, you may want to gift them one of our mixed nut gift boxes, so they can enjoy their favorite nut selection. If you are looking for a statement-making corporate or family gift pack, you need to look at one of our nut gift towers. You may also want to look at our dried fruit assortments for gifts as well.

What if you can't decide what to get a family member or a friend? Fastachi offers an e-gift card, so you can send your good wishes to anyone anywhere in the world and make sure they get the best dried fruit and nut gift basket that they want.

What About the Holidays?

At Fastachi, we know how important holiday traditions are. That's why we put out a holiday gift guide each year so that our customers can give their friends and family an exquisitely tasteful present. Of course, we also offer the best baskets of nut gifts and dried fruits for birthdays, thank yous, hostesses, and even a wonderful gift you want to send just because. No matter what the gifting occasion, Fastachi has the perfect nut gift pack for you.

Hand-roasted in small batches

No fancy seasonings or artificial additives

Hand-packed with the utmost care

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