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Nuts and dried fruits tick all the boxes when you are looking for a snack. Not only are they tasty, but they are superfoods containing healthy fats and minerals. Considering there are so many nuts high in fiber and dried fruits to choose from, here are some top options for best nuts for fiber and nutritious dried fruits, their nutritional benefits, and how to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Why Is Fiber Important?

Fiber is one of the most important elements needed for a healthy digestive system. Otherwise called dietary fiber, this carbohydrate is not digested into the body, unlike other foods. Instead, it goes through the system from the stomach to the intestines and finally out through the colon. Therefore, why do you need fiber in your diet? Here’s why:

  • Eating fruits and variety of nut mixes high in fiber makes you feel full for a longer time, hence perfect for weight management. 
  • It is vital in maintaining a healthy and regular bowel movement, reducing gut complications like hemorrhoids. 
  • It helps reduce the level of cholesterol in the system. 
  • It reduces the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and other cancers. It enhances the absorption of calcium, improving skeletal health.

Which Nuts Are Highest In Fiber? 

Knowing how important fiber is to the diet, you want to incorporate it into your meals. Do you love nuts? If so, you will be excited to know that they contain high levels of fiber. The following are the best nuts high in fiber.

Fiber in Almonds 

The amount of fiber in almond nuts is an astonishing 3.5g for a 28g serving, making it one of the most nutritious. Apart from the high almonds fiber content, this nuts with the highest fiber are also packed with other essential nutrients, including proteins, fats, phosphorus and magnesium, and antioxidants to promote overall health.almond nuts

Fiber in Pistachios 

Whether you like eating them raw, salted, or roasted, pistachio nuts are some of the tastiest and healthiest nuts. With only a handful, you can easily boost the fiber content in your system and improve your immunity. How much fiber is in pistachios? The fiber content in pistachios is a massive 3g in a single serving. However, the fiber in pistachios is not the only upside; the food is also rich in potassium and vitamin B6.

pistachio nuts

Fiber in Hazelnuts 

Hazelnuts or filberts are also one of the nuts high in fiber, at almost 3g in a serving. These tasty food is not only among fiber-rich nuts, but also have a high nutrient makeup, with components like magnesium, calcium, and healthy fats that help improve your heart health.


Fiber in Pecans 

Are you on a keto diet, or are you planning to manage your weight while maintaining your health? Pecans are some of the best options of nuts high in fiber for you. The high 2.7g fiber content in pecans and the omega-3 fats and other mineral content make it a top choice for a tasty, low-carb meal.


Fiber in Peanuts 

What makes healthy peanuts so popular is their yummy goodness, versatility, and high nutritional value. Besides the high 2g fiber content in peanuts, the food also boasts antioxidants, choline, amino acids, manganese, phosphorus, and other nutrients. Peanuts are among best nuts high in fiber and it helps that they are balanced in nutritional content.


Fiber in Macadamia Nuts

Are you a huge fan of the tasty luxury macadamia nuts? Fiber in macadamia nuts is at 2.4g, making it ideal for promoting your digestive health and giving you a satisfied feeling for a long time. This fiber-rich nuts also help improve your cholesterol levels and lower the risk of lifestyle diseases.

macadamia nuts

Fiber in Walnuts 

Although the fiber content in walnuts is only at 2g a serving, which is lower than that of other nuts, the vitamin B and E contents make up for it. Walnuts also contain high levels of omega-3 fats, which help reduce inflammation and are crucial for a healthy brain.


Fiber in Cashews 

You must love cashew nuts for their delicious goodness, but unfortunately, they are among the last in terms of fiber content. Although they are rich in magnesium, zinc, copper, and vitamin B, the cashew fiber content is only 1g in a serving.

cashew nuts

Which Dried Fruits Are High In Fiber? 

Dried fruit high in fiber should also be a part of your diet. They are a great way to add flavor to your meals, and they make perfect snacking options. Here are some popular options of natural dried fruits with high nutritional value.

Fiber in Dried Apricots 

Talking of savory goodness, dried apricots make for perfect fiber-rich snacks and meal additions. The dried apricot fiber content is at 4.7g for ½ a cup, not as high as other options, but other elements make it worth it.

dried California apricots

Fiber in Dates 

Dates fiber content is much higher, at 5.9g in half a cup. Dates are excellent choices because they are pretty versatile, whether you want to snack on them, use them as ingredients for pastries, or add them to salads to give them a tasty kick.


Fiber in Prunes 

Imagine a fruit that offers 6.2g of fiber in only a ½ cup of serving. The fiber content in prunes, as well as their amazing taste and nutritional value, makes them a top option for all your needs. You can eat this dried fruit high in fiber for any meal and add them to your favorite pastries and salads.


Fiber in Raisins 

The fiber content in raisins is slightly lower than other dried fruits, at about 3.3g for half a cup serving. However, it still contains a high level of sodium and protein, making it a balanced choice for your needs. Apart from the nutrients, raisins are also a tasty, versatile option. 


Fiber in Dried Berries 

If you can’t get enough of berries, you will love that they are also very nutritious. There are 5g of fiber for every ½ cup of serving. Berries like dried cranberries are some of the tastiest yet healthiest dried fruits high in fiber and great snack option that you can use for any of your meals for additional flavor.

dried cranberries

Ways To Increase Your Fiber Intake With Nuts and Dried Fruits 

The best way to boost your fiber intake is by incorporating fiber-rich foods into your diet, and this is how you do it. 

For Nuts 

  • You can add your favorite nuts with the highest fiber to your breakfast cereals. 
  • Nuts add a great flavor and crunchiness to your vegetables and salads. 
  • You can add fiber-rich nuts to your sauces and gravies. 
  • You can use them to make great smoothies or add nut butter to your casseroles and pastries. 
  • You can simply snack on whole nuts in between meals to keep you satisfied. 

For Dried Fruits 

  • You can snack on them. 
  • Dried fruits high in fiber are excellent addition to muffins, cookies, cakes, and other baked goods. 
  • You can give your salads a zesty, savory, or tangy taste by adding your favorite dried fruits. 
  • Chopped dried fruits can be added to salsas and dips. 
  • You can blend them into your smoothies and shakes. 
  • By mixing with butter, you can make a healthy spread on your toasts and bagels. 
  • Fiber-rich dried fruits add a tasty kick to your dinners, so you can include them in your stew recipes. 


Nuts and dried fruits are top options for boosting your energy, but did you know that they are rich in nutritional value? Nuts and dried fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals necessary to promote your health. They also contain high levels of fiber content, which is vital for your digestive system, help manage your weight, and keep other lifestyle diseases at bay. The best part is that there are several fun ways for you to effortlessly include these nuts high in fiber and health dried fruits in your daily diet, whether you want to eat them whole, blend them into your smoothies, or add them to your salads or vegetables.


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